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Brave New World | Role-Play


Role-Play between Mustapha Mond and the state

The government of Brave New World has been toppled by a group of inhabitants from the reservations who want to take their revenge for having been mistreated by the so-called civilized world. Mustapha Mond is arrested and put to trial.
1. Decide who wants to play whose role. You need Mustapha Mond, a prosecutor and a judge. If your group has more than three members you might want to introduce a witness or a lawyer who helps Mustapha Mond with his defence.
2. Take notes and play a scene in court when Mustapha Mond is defending himself against the prosecuter's accusations. Take into consideration what you have read about the government's motives for introducing soma and hypnopaedia and forbidding literature.
3. Practice your role-play and be ready to present your scene to your classmates.

Results of the role-play (Mond vs State)

(against Mustapha Mond)
arguments of defence
• preventing of free thinking and living freely • his function of making rules which people have to obey/to follow
• distributing drugs to secure the stability of the system • stability and community has always been guaranteed by the society of the civilized world
• isolating unwanted people of the reservations • people of the reservations didn't and don't want to adopt to the standards of the society
• maltreating people on the reservations by leaving them with poor living conditions and bad educational standards • people freely chose to live in the reservations
• causing death to a lot of people by supporting the ideas of the "Cyprus experiment" • abuse of alcohol is at least as seriously to be condemned as the use of soma
• behaving like a dictator and erecting / establishing a totalitarian sytem • the cyprus experiment has caused the death of a lot of people
  however, these are less victims than the ones in wars and other offences committed by people normally

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