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Brave New World | locations / rooms


All facts about the locations, rooms and areas where the action takes place.

Bottling Room

» in the Bottling Room there are lots of bottles with eggs
» the eggs are transfered by the Matriculators from their test-tubes to the larger containers
» the morula is dropped on the peritoneal lining and the saltine solution is poured in

Decanting Room

» this society's equivalent of Delivery Room (Kreissaal)
» room where babies are "hatched"

Embryo Room


Fertilizing Room

» surgical introduction (ovaries)
» brought into incubators
» always kept at optimum temperate
» the liquor is drawn of from the test-tubes
» the eggs are inspected for abnormalities
» the eggs are cornted
» the eggs are transfered to a porous receptacle
» immersed into a boullion of free swimming spematozoa
» ovaries are fertilized with male gamete
» Alphas and Betas remain until they are definitly bottled

Organ Store

» after the bootles have been prestinated in details they are send down to the Embryo Store
» flaps of fresh sow's peritoneum ready cut to the proper size come shooting up in little lifts from the Organ Store in the sub-basement

Park Lane Hospital for the Dying

» Place: London, a 1st class hotel-like hospital, a skyscraper for the dying, sixty-storey tower
» Atmosphere: pleasant, bright colours, soft music, TV sceens at the foot of every bed
» People: friendly but strict nurses, the staff, twin Deltas in khaki uniforms being trained to be death-conditioned, no relatives, rare visitors or old sex partners, no need for people from outside the hospital
» important chapters: 14 and 15

Predestination Room

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