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Brave New World | Chapter 2


Summary of chapter II


Questions and Answer about chapter II

Delta babies are prevented from enjoying flowers and books. 1. Why? 2. How?
1. More freetime consume, no education, dangerous for the system
2. Psychological but with physocal methods
The lower classes are conditioned to love all country sports. Why?
They're prevented from going out in the nature, reading etc. consume
The students blush when the word "parent" is used by the Director. Why?
It's abnormal in BNW, they're conditioned to blush when they hear this word.
Reuben Rabinovitch helped to develop the technique od sleep-teaching or hypnopaedia. How?
He listened to the radio while he was sleeping and he could remember the sentences the next morning.
Moral education can be achieved by hypnopaedia. Why?
By an often repeating.

Analyse the narrytor's point of view and comment on the effect

» third-person narrator
» as a third-person narrator it is possible to tell a story objectively
» the narrator stands back drom the action and observes
» the narrator discribes the action and characters objectively
» the narrator makes sure to transfer and communicate the intensive feelings of the D.H.C. and how important the described situation is for the D.H.C.
» he also effects on how proud the D.H.C. and how important the process of conditioning is for the Central London Haching and Conditioning Centre
» it's the point of view of an eliminated narrator, because characters, action, setting and events are presented directly without the interference of a narrator
» the characters reveal themselves through action and speech
» he can comment on one another in their speech, but it is left to the reader to decide on the justification or legitimacy of these evaluations
» the main effect on the reader is the intensive enthusiasm while the D.H.C. is presenting the conditioning with the babies as well as the connected admiration of the students for the D.H.C.


D.H.C. (authority)
(observers of the scene)
(executives of the instructions)
obeying the words and commands of the D.H.C.

Hypnopaedia in Chapter 2

Sleep-teaching is the most powerful force of all time in social education. The child's mind becomes these suggestions and the total of these suggestions is the child's mind.


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