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Brave New World | Chapter 18


Summary of chapter XVIII

John feels disgusted by the Brave new World society and seeks peace and quiet in a lonely area on England's South coast in an abandoned lighthouse. He feels guilty because of Linda's death and his longing for Lenina. That is why he tries to purify himself by whipping himself as punishment for his sins. When reporters find out about this penitential rite, they film him secretly and broadcast every move he makes. In this way he becomes a tourist attraction. When John recognizes Lenina among the curious masses, he gets into a wild rage, blindly attacks her and starts a mass orgy. When he wakes up the next morning and realizes what he has done, he hangs himself.

Chapter 18 as a film scene (director's view)

scene events, charactors/actors film devices (camera perstective)
scene 1 Darwin Bonaparte, John attempts of Bonaparte to make a film of John shifting between the two actors
yet concentration on the perspective of Darwin Bonaparte
scene 2 introducing the movie close-up of adverts and, newspaper articles field shots showing people clapping their hands after having seen the movie
standing ovations
scene 3   sky shot, panoramic shot of helicopters showing crowds of insects
close-up of John
cut to distant shot around the lighthouse with a panning camera
scene 4 helicopters landing arrival of masses of people field shot of masses and close-up John showing his despiration
scene 5 landing of Lenina close-up of Lenina and John

Techniques for a film script

long shot, straight-on angle, panning shot/camera, static camera, field shot, medium shot, close up, extreme close up


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