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John's and Mustapha's arguments on religion

Mustapha Mond John the Savage
» religion is a subject » mysterious, something above the mind of human beings
» pornographic and old irrational: "heaven and earth"
» something which has to be banned completely
(God in the save and Ford on the shelves)
» it's the fault of the upper classes in BNW that religion can't exist
fault of civilisation
» God (religion) is inferior to Ford / technology is superiour » religion is a natural feeling!
» Religion has to be practiced now (Ford) rational people believe in God when they are alone
substitute of happiness
» risk of stability God is a judge, manager of the people onm earth / makes rules
» only necessary if people are afraid of death
people in BNW aren't afraid of death
» necessary to free s.o.'s mind
» religion is not reality no truth » a reason for doing things with courage (p. 217)
a stabil element of moral civilisation
» "You can only be independent of God while you've got youth and prosperity; independent won't take you safely to the end" (p. 213) » a reason for charity:
passion, neurasthenia
is / wants to be indendent of God (= old age, getting older, doubts etc.) » God is the reason for everything noble, fine and heroic
» God / religion manifests him / itself in too many different ways
individuality doesn't know himself
God is a person who gives order to the people
» God is superfluous, not undertandable » Christianity without tears is impossible;
necessary for man to change
» People have conditioning, soma, company, entertainment, technology, no real science » the claims the right to suffer and to be unhappy

John's and Mustapha's arguments on religion in a text

As a final result of John's and Mustapha's arguments on religion it can be said that both believe in religion. John has a stronger belief in god and Mustapha has more rational knowledge about religion itself. For Mustapha, religion is only a subject and it's pornographic and old which is exactly the image of religion that can be seen in BNW. That points out that he thinks that the ordinary people in BNW are mentally not able to deal with a serious religion. For him, religion has to be banned completely from BNW. His statement: "God in the save and Ford on the shelves" clarifies that. Another statement of him is that the serious religion are inferior to the new age religion of Ford. The term "Ford" is here used as a symbol of technology and process on a science level. That shows that Mustapha has a more rational point of view on religion. It also shows that Ford / technology is superior to religion in his eyes. In Mustapha's opinion, religion is only necessary if people are afraid of death which is not the case in BNW. If they were afraid of death, they would start developing deep and true feelings which is a risk of stability for him. Regarding this argument of Mustapha it can be said that religion is useless in BNW. Mustapha also wants to be independent of God because he links God with getting older and doubts which is dangerous for the stability of BNW.
His main argument against religion in BNW is that religion manifests itself in too many different things which leads to individuality and that God doesn't show himself to the people which they wouldn't understand. In spite of everything, he believes that there must be a greater being because he answers that there is a god when John asks him if there is one.

John, on the other hand, thinks that religion is mysterious and above the mind of human beings. That shows his true belief in God and clarifies his irrational point of view on religion. He believes in "heaven and earth" which ordinary people in BNW will never be able to do. For him, it is the fault of the upper classes that religion in BNW can't exist because from his point of view, tehy should be intelligent enough to develop themselves which can also be called a fault of civilization. His main argument on religion is that religion is a natural feeling. His religiousness is founded in the loneliness because people sometimes regard religion as a substitute of happiness. For him, God is more than only a greater being who the people belive in because they are afraid of death. God is the manager of the people on earth who makes the rules, the reason for charity, passion and for everything which is noble, fine and heroic. All these mentioned aspects are necessary to free someone's mind which is the aim of John. His moral is also founded in religion. God is the main reason for him to do things with courage which is needed to create a stabile civilization.

Differences in the beliefs of the hero and antihero

Mustapha Mond John the Savage
» Mond hides his belief / religion » John shows his religion openly
» has great knowledge of religion » has limited knowledge of theology
» he breaks the rules of BNW and informs John to have an equal partner in the argument » He is a limited character, but free from Mustapha Mond
» Mond is mighty but only free to discuss God philosophically but substituted Gof by Ford for matrial goods, thereby he freed the people from God » He experienced God in the crisis of his life
» He has found God (in nature), death & time
» took away the chances to find him » God (Christ) suffered on the cross and John imitates him in his life
  » religion has made him strong to fight for the ideals

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